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    Article about the new 2025 BMW i4

    Thought this was a good read that covers all the bases of the 2025;
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    Pleased to join you

    Welcome to the community Paul! We're glad to have you join us! It would be great if you could add your i4 to the registry. Again, welcome!
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    Good choice for tire replacement

    I once bought some blemished Continental tires. They stood up very well and I was told that were a very good brand. Maybe they would be worth checking out.
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    Firsthand experiences with REx

    Hey folks, Thinking about the BMW i4 REx. Any firsthand experiences with it? Does it live up to its claims? Particularly interested in hearing about real-life situations where the range extender proved useful, such as during long trips or in areas with limited charging stations. Would love to...
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    Can everyone see this? Can you reply?

    No worries about the delay. Glad to hear you can access everything. This platform does seem pretty efficient.
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    What did you do in your i4 today (check in thread)?

    I thought a general check in thread would be good to have. Just a way of seeing what everyone is up to on a regular basis. What did you do to/in your i4 today? Did you work on it? Take a trip? Just ride around? Let us all know what you did.
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    Can everyone see this? Can you reply?

    Awesome. Enjoy the forums and feel free to reach out if you need assistance.
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    Highest mileage recorded

    Hello, I'm interested in knowing the highest mileage recorded on any of the BMW i4's out there. Please share the distance covered, and have you observed a significant drop in your battery capacity/performance?
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    Do you have fire extinguisher in your i4?

    For an EV, I think fire incidents are rare, thanks to the design of the battery pack and other safety features. However, if a fire were to occur, it might involve the battery compartment or electrical components.
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    New member

    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you with us.
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    Issues with Android?

    I suggest investing in a new cable with higher amperage. Higher than the original is much better.
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    Order at public charging stations

    Your suggestion of building more charging stations in various places, especially in apartment complexes, is a great idea. Creating dedicated parking spaces with charging stations for electric vehicles in residential areas can indeed encourage EV ownership and make it more convenient for users...
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year!
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    Potential range extender?

    Has anyone come across information regarding the impact of specific dark-tinted windows on reducing solar heat penetration during summer, preventing heat loss in winter, and consequently diminishing the need for HVAC usage?
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    Is it really necessary to use Electric Vehicle (EV) tires?

    With the introduction of affordable mass-market EV models, a variety of specialized tires has emerged, claiming to offer improved range and performance.
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    Did you get anything for your i4 for Christmas?

    I am curious if anyone received any accessories for your i4? A photo of the accessories or new i4 would be great to see.
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    BMW i4 Facebook Group

    If you have not joined yet, please do!
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    Can everyone see this? Can you reply?

    We are brand new, can you access everything?