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Dec 21, 2023
Hello, I'm interested in knowing the highest mileage recorded on any of the BMW i4's out there. Please share the distance covered, and have you observed a significant drop in your battery capacity/performance?
I have done over 400 miles on a charge - once. Under ideal conditions and a LOT of downhill. Temp was in the 70's Klamath Falls, Oregon to Seattle trip. Made it well in to Washington via 97 to 58 to I-5. (Klamath to Vancouver is about 300 miles for a reference).
Mainly get about around 300 ish in So-Cal where it doesn't get very cold. I also do not try to improve range and have HVAC on always as well as my seat heater. I do, however, usually keep my Cruise Control set at 75 and very rarely exceed that.
I have not noticed any battery degradation, But I have only had this since May 5th of 2023 and have about 10k miles.
That sounds great. Was it in one trip or did you stop overnight? And when you stopped, where did you charge it? Private or public area? And about how long did it take to fully charge it after that trip?
It was all in one go. I don't remember where I charged. Started with a K. Was not EA. I will use ChargePoint now and then if EA is either not working or the Queue is too long.
Charge to 80 is usually under 30 minutes if I am under 40% regardless of how far down I am. It just charges slower when the car has more charge in it.
Thanks for the details. Good to know how it works for you. I'm still in the investigation of vehicle time.
320 miles from Portland Oregon to Pullman WA, not many charging opportunities after Tri Cities WA. We stopped at EA in Hermiston on the way out and back, which is half way. Charged to 95% in 35 minutes. My wife drove three of the four legs and averaged 4.2 miles/kwh at 65mph. I drove the last leg at 75mph and dropped to 3.5 miles/kwh. Conditions were idea 60-75 degrees and mostly flat, little wind. definitely notice a difference over 65mph. most of our 18,000 miles have been around Portland, rarely drop below 40% charge, so I drive it hard the once a week I'm in it.